Passengers who wish to transport LAG must submit to the following guidelines:

1) All LAG must be carried in containers with a maximum capacity of 100 (one hundred) milliliters each (or its equivalent in other volume measures such as liquid ounces). When the reference of this article is in mass units 100 (one hundred) grams shall be deemed equivalent to 100 (one hundred) milliliters (or its equivalent in other mass units).

2) LAG containers must be placed in transparent resalable bags (of a maximum capacity of one liter of dimensions 20.5x20.5cm or 25x15 cm or its equivalent). Containers must be placed without difficulty in said bag.

3) No LAG containers of more than 100 (one hundred) milliliters shall be accepted, even when partially full. No empty containers of any kind are allowed.

5) Each Passenger may only carry one bag of this type and must present it separately for inspection.

All articles considered as LAG that do not comply with these guidelines and/or the guidelines of the Airport of origin and/or destination shall be collected at the inspection points of each Airport prior to the Flight’s departure.