In national flights “VivaAerobus” allows transportation of Perishables as Carry-on Baggage provided they comply with the following:

Perishables must be properly vacuum packed, dry or completely (rock) frozen in an anti-spill package that does not contain liquids or gels.

Package must avoid spills and spreading of smells.

Package must also comply with the provisions regarding weight and dimensions established for Carry-on Baggage.

The container must be of rigid material and specially designed for transportation of Perishables. See 9.7 Carry-on Baggage. (Terms & Conditions)

Unicel ice boxes are not allowed.

 In case of products presented as liquid, gels and/or aerosols they must comply with the provision sin Appendix C of the Mandatory Directive (Circular Obligatoria)CO SA-17.2/10. When the Perishable is transported with dry ice (carbon dioxide CO2 in solid state), the conditions described for transportation of the aforesaid articles shall apply and it is only allowed in national flights, and in no event shall it be allowed in international flights.